MiniFrame UK Ltd is the face of Green IT in the UK. As the developers of multi-award winning SoftXpand Ecoware we are able to offer support and advice which will reduce your existing IT costs, save money on your electricity bills and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.



The SoftXpand Ecoware solution is available throughout the UK, and comes with the full support of trained sales and service teams who are able to provide anything from a single green PC right through to a complete network installation, incorporating the very latest SoftXpand Ecoware technology. To find out more go to Contact Us or call 01629 534 134


SoftXpand Ecoware is extremely versatile

Schools, businesses and call centres can now save money at the same time as saving the planet; SoftXpand Ecoware is perfect for you. So go to our mini-sites to discover how SoftXpand Ecoware is benefitting businesses, call centres and schools throughout the UK.



If you would like to see how our customers have been “amazed” at how much money they saved by using SoftXpand Ecoware; then why not have a look at our Case Studies for more information.


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